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how to bake a fan potato 5

How to bake a fan potato

Wondering how to bake a potato that will look a little different than ever baked? Try to bake a fan potato.

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How to bake a potato “alla carbonara”

Need a complete new way how to bake a potato? Like taste of italian food? Try to make potato “alla carbonara”!

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twice baked potatoes 2

Twice Baked Potatoes

How to bake a potato – bake it twice! Twice baked potatoes are a great holiday meal. But they are also great for any day. Super tasty and filled with cheese, bacon, green onions,… Mmmm, make it now! It is very easy to prepare, and take only 15 minutes of your work to make.

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potato baked without fat

How to bake a potato without fat

If you want to know how to bake a potato completely oil-free, this is perfect recipe for you! Quick and easy preparation of healthy meal!

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potato with rosemary

Mountain-style baked potato with mustard and rosemary

Prepare a delicious baked potato in a real mountain style. For those who plans a winter vacation in a cottage this is the dinner after a hard day of skiing, with homemade salty prosciutto and crackling of fire.

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Baked potato wedges

Baked Potato Wedges

Do you want to try a healthier alternative to your favorite “French Fries”? Try with Baked Potato Wedges. This can be served as a great side dish, snack or an appetizer and should keep your family  munching on them until they all gone! 

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